Yellowstone Fans Explain Why Season 6 Would “Ruin Its Legacy”


There are plenty of Yellowstone fans who wish there was more of the Taylor Sheridan series to come, but a few are grateful for its early end for one simple reason.

For TV lovers, there’s nothing more heart-breaking than your favorite show ending early. Or ending at all. When it comes to Yellowstone, there’s no doubt that the epic Taylor Sheridan ranch opera would have continued for a few years more if not for some alleged on-set dramas and cast exits.

All this means that Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 will be the last we’ll see of this era of the Dutton ranch. It seems much too soon, since there are still so many character plotlines to wrap up and plenty of questions that need answering.

But some fans are just fine with the idea of Yellowstone ending early. In fact, they think it’s the right move altogether in order to save the show’s place in history.

Yellowstone fans think Season 6 would “ruin its legacy”

A discussion on the Yellowstone subreddit has shown that some fans think an extra season would have “ruined” the show’s legacy by stretching it out for too long.

“Honestly it’s for the best, too many seasons can ruin a show’s legacy,” the main post said. “See The Walking Dead going 12 seasons and ending with little excitement vs Breaking Bad ending in 5. Why then are we busting to see the rest of S5? Do you think it should have just died at its peak?”


Other comments supported this theory, even suggesting that the show could have ended even earlier on than Season 5.

“Peak was about Season 2. Maybe 3,” one said.

“Somewhere out there is a very early interview with Sheridan in the first weeks of the show (Yellowstone) where he was asked how long the show might run and he responded that it was intended to be 2 to 3 seasons long. Then the popularity hit, the money started flowing and the train started slipping off the tracks,” said another.

“S3 was where it peaked. They lost the juice midway through S4,” said a third.

Of course, there are always Yellowstone supporters to be found. A few comments suggested that the show could have gone for longer. Or, admittedly, that they still want to finish it regardless of its final state.

“I think a series can go a bit longer if it has good writing and direction. I think Yellowstone can successfully go to 7 seasons,” said one comment.

“Season 5 seemed like cruise control but had it’s moments here and there. I’ll be first in line to see the return of Season 5 but I will admit that this gigantic gap, the infighting, the lack of focus the last 2 seasons will pretty much demand a solid finish,” wrote another.