Wait, Did Yellowstone Just Spoil Who Wins Season 5’S Biggest Conflict?!


Yellowstone has always relied on extravagant and unexpected plot twists to propel the drama, but one announcement ahead of season 5, part 2 could have already revealed the biggest cliffhanger ahead of the show’s conclusion. Following behind-the-scenes drama and delays, Yellowstone season 5 has faced a litany of problems. However, while the departure of major characters and writers’ strikes caused headaches for producers, the show could rely on a tantalizing conflict to keep viewers interested. Now, however, even this may have been compromised.

Part of the reason why Yellowstone season 5, part 2 is so exciting is that the finale’s first chapter ended on a real cliffhanger. Both Jamie and Beth Dutton are engaged in open warfare, with Jamie blackmailing his sister with the knowledge of incriminating photos identifying the location of the Duttons’ notorious “Train Station”. With both parties seemingly determined to kill the other, it seemed genuinely unclear which of the feuding siblings would come out on top. Unfortunately, Yellowstone’s spinoff series’ casting announcement may have spoiled any sense of jeopardy.

Kelly Reilly’s Confirmed Yellowstone Return Suggests She Beats Jamie
She Is Returning Alongside Cole Hauser And Luke Grimes

After a reported pay dispute, it has been confirmed that stars Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes will all return for the upcoming Yellowstone sequel series. Given that little is known about the series – which is tentatively titled 2024 – the involvement of three key players from the original Yellowstone show would seem to be an exciting development for fans. However, for all the possible stories this opens up, it also suggests that Yellowstone season 5’s delicate situation is not as precarious as it seems – at least for one character.

Given that Kelly Reilly is already guaranteed to be playing a part in Yellowstone’s sequel, it’s fair to assume that she survives the events of season 5. In turn, this indicates that it is she that emerges victorious in the conflict with her brother Jamie. While the exact details around her victory are unclear, her involvement in future Yellowstone stories would seem to suggest that the outcome is already guaranteed – a disappointing development for viewers heading into season 5, part 2. While Beth Dutton’s victory was always a possibility, having it confirmed before it’s even been filmed feels like a missed step.

Wes Bentley’s Absence From The Casting Announcement Is Bad News For Jamie Dutton
It’s Already Clear Beth Wants Him Dead

Just as it’s impossible to ignore Kelly Reilly’s presence in the Yellowstone sequel casting announcement, Wes Bentley is conspicuous by his absence. Like Reilly, Bentley has been an ever-present across all five seasons of Yellowstone, although his relationship with the rest of his family has never been anything less than tempestuous. However, while another character’s absence could be written off as their story reaching a natural conclusion, the fact that Bentley seems to be playing no part in the follow-up has ominous connotations for his character.


…the knowledge that Beth survives beyond whatever drama unfolds in season 5, part 2, indicates that Jamie’s planned assassination attempts…come to nothing.

Given that both Jamie and Beth were explicit in their intention to kill each other in Yellowstone season 5, part 1, the fact that Bentley has no confirmed sequel involvement suggests that Beth does manage to successfully murder her brother. Ahead of the concluding chapter’s release, it’s impossible to say how she might do this. However, the knowledge that Beth survives beyond whatever drama unfolds in season 5, part 2, indicates that Jamie’s planned assassination attempts in collaboration with Sarah Atwood come to nothing.

Of course, it’s still possible that an alternative fate awaits Jamie. When Beth brought up the possibility of killing him to family patriarch John Dutton, he was clearly uncomfortable with the idea – suggesting that he might not sanction such a move. This could, in turn, mean that there’s a more innocent explanation for Jamie’s absence from the sequel. However, given the intensity of the conflict between Beth and Jamie, this seems increasingly unlikely – potentially spoiling the biggest conflict in season 5, part 2.

Yellowstone’s Announcement Doesn’t Totally Spoil Season 5, Part 2
There Is Still Some Jeopardy

In one respect, the expectation that Jamie will die and Beth will emerge victorious prematurely resolves one of the major issues going into the final season. However, even though this is perhaps the defining conflict at the heart of the show, it is not the only source of drama. There is still the ongoing uncertainty about Rip and the other cowboys’ journey to Texas, and what awaits them at the end of their journey. Plus, Jamie’s public denouncement and calls for the impeachment of his father makes removing him from the public eye potentially dangerous.

While all of these unresolved tangents are interesting, perhaps the biggest question mark concerns the fate of John Dutton himself. With the news that Kevin Costner is set to leave Yellowstone following a reported scheduling conflict and creative differences, it’s currently unclear whether or not John Dutton will even feature at all – a shocking possibility, considering his central role throughout the story. In some ways, this unresolved behind-the-scenes drama has created even more uncertainty and intrigue than Yellowstone’s main narrative ever could.

Beth Beating Jamie Is Good News For Yellowstone’s Future
It’s Time For The Story To Move On

Irrespective of what happens with John Dutton and his potentially curtailed storyline, Beth beating Jamie is the right move for the wider Yellowstone story. Although the siblings’ rivalry is the main source of narrative conflict, it has been ongoing for several seasons. Almost since Beth returned to the ranch in season 1, her suspicions of her brother have increased tensions. Keeping the feud going beyond season 5 would risk what is already a long-running theme becoming increasingly stale – ultimately lessening its impact, despite its dramatic potency.

A long-time pariah, (Jamie) has consistently been at odds with both Beth and John, and by proxy anyone else associated with the Yellowstone ranch.

There is, of course, an argument to be made that Jamie should triumph over Beth. However, while this would be an effective subversion of expectations, the sad truth is that Jamie stands apart from the rest of the Dutton family. A long-time pariah, he has consistently been at odds with both Beth and John, and by proxy anyone else associated with the Yellowstone ranch. By contrast, Beth is closely connected to her brother Kayce, as well as other crucial characters like Rip, making it much more difficult to remove her from the story. As harsh as it seems, Jamie is the natural choice to lose Yellowstone’s biggest battle.