Tom Selleck Gives Future Blue Bloods Co-Star Advice For Time On The Show: ‘Don’T Be Afraid’


Blue Bloods is in the midst of a last hurrah, after the first 10 episodes of its final 14th season finished airing on May 17, and it’ll return in the fall.

In October, the last eight episodes of the series will drop in what is reported to be the second half of season 14, although cast members including Tom Selleck have unofficially dubbed it the “15th” season.

While there has been no confirmation from CBS yet whether the show will indeed extend beyond season 14 and end after 300 coveted installments, it is still preparing to go out with a bang.

Tom, 79, appeared on a new episode of the talk show The Talk, and spoke about his enduring legacy as an actor, spanning his earliest appearances on The Dating Game, Magnum P.I., and more.

He also spoke about his newly released memoir You Never Know and, of course, Blue Bloods, which is when he found out that one of the show’s hosts would be joining him on set soon.

Amanda Kloots told the star that she would be coming on his show for presumably a guest turn soon, and asked: “Since I have you here, Commissioner Frank Reagan, do you have any advice that you’d like to share with me before I go film?”

“Blue Bloods” is expected to end its run with season 14 later this year

He playfully responded: “Yes, don’t be afraid! It’s really hard, we get seasoned actors, everybody comes on the show, but we’re all kinda up to speed and it’s intimidating.”

Tom compared it to his four-episode long guest appearance on Boston Legal in 2006 “when William Shatner and Candace Bergen are ready to go, I had a lot of experience but it doesn’t matter.”


Amanda is slated to guest star on the series, and the actor had some advice to give

He assured her that his co-stars were a “good group” and finally added: “Know your words, hit your mark, tell the truth, and listen,” and Amanda reiterated what the actor penned in his memoir and said she would tell herself “I’m enough, Amanda” before walking on set.

Amanda, 42, showed later on Instagram just how big of a fan she was of the Friends star, as the two regrouped together for a backstage rendition of the song “Good Night Sweetheart, Well It’s Time to Go” by The Spaniels, performed in the 1987 classic Three Men and A Baby.

“Know your words, hit your mark, tell the truth, and listen.”

The mom-of-one gushed: “I remember the day my family went to see Three Men and A Baby in the theaters. Since that day the movie has been a staple in the Kloots household and this song has been sang to every baby in our homes through the years because of that movie.”

Still in disbelief, she continued: “I cannot believe I got to sing it today with THE Tom Selleck! I am still reeling from it and will never forget this moment! His memoir, You Never Know, is out now and it is a fantastic read!!!”

“For actors, so many beautiful words of advice and stories to learn from and for the general public and fans you won’t believe the twists and turns of his life. It is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it!!”