Tom Selleck And His Blue Bloods Co-Stars’ Salaries Revealed – And Why They Were Cut For The Show’S Final Season


Tom Selleck’s run on the hit CBS police procedural drama Blue Bloods is coming to an end soon, as the final season’s second half of episodes arrive in a matter of months.

The 79-year-old has starred as Commissioner Frank Reagan since the show’s 2010 premiere and has seen it become one of the network’s most consistent success stories in terms of both ratings and acclaim.

The show was greenlit for a 14th season in 2023, however, the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes caused production to be delayed. In November, it was announced that the show will end after a 14-season run.
How much do the stars of Blue Bloods really make per episode? And why were their salaries reportedly cut for the show’s final season? Here’s what you need to know…

How much does Tom Selleck make on Blue Bloods?

According to, Tom is the highest-paid member of the Blue Bloods cast as its most prestigious (and also an executive producer), earning a cool $200,000 per episode.

Over the course of his 275 episode run on the show (not including the six episodes of season 14 that have already aired and the half left to come), that amounts to a whopping $5.5 million throughout the series’ tenure.

How much do the rest of the Blue Bloods cast members make?

The show’s four other main cast members who have appeared throughout its run, those being Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Len Cariou, all command similarly high wages.

Donnie, who plays Detective Danny Reagan, started off the series earning $60,000 per episode, but his salary has since then risen in recent years to a strong $150,000 per episode, the second-highest paid member of the main cast.

Will, Len, and Bridget, who play Sergeant Jamie Reagan, Commissioner Henry Reagan, and ADA Erin Reagan respectively, all command similar salaries of $100,000 episode, although those figures aren’t confirmed.

Why were the salaries of the Blue Bloods cast cut for season 14?

After the strikes of 2023 delayed production and proved difficult for those on the production side, it was reported that the show’s cast and producers were willing to take a 25% pay cut to keep the show afloat.

A report by The Hollywood Reporter states that the series’ top earners took the cut to ensure that the show can continue to remain in production for its final season and retain the jobs of the hundreds of employees on the production side. Neither the cast nor CBS have confirmed as such, however.

When will the show return?

Blue Bloods began airing its 14th and final season on February 16, with six episodes having been released so far. Two more will be released on April 26 and May 3, following which it will go on hiatus.

The second part of the finale season will return in the fall with another eight episode order, capping off the show’s run at a mammoth 291 episodes.