Tom Cruise And Val Kilmer Shared An Emotional Unscripted Moment In Top Gun: Maverick That Made It Into The Film


Looking back, most fans are happy Tom Cruise decided to call Paramount himself and green light Top Gun: Maverick. Not only is the film bringing in huge numbers, but reviews are generally positive for the flick.

We’ll take a look at Val Kilmer’s role in the film, and how he felt about appearing in Top Gun: Maverick. In addition, we’ll feature the scene between the two in the sequel and how things went off-script.

Despite Val Kilmer Not Wanting The Top Gun Role He Hit It Off With Tom Cruise

The 1986 film scored huge numbers back in the day at the box office. Top Gun brought in $357 million – not only that but the legacy of the film encouraged a sequel all these years later, one that’s making billions at the gate.

Despite these huge numbers and the brilliance of the film, not everyone was onboard at the start. This includes Val Kilmer who admitting he was not into the initial ’80s script.

He discussed alongside EW, “I didn’t want the part,” Kilmer recalled in his 2020 memoir I’m Your Huckleberry.


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“I didn’t care about the film. The story didn’t interest me. My agent, who also represented Tom Cruise, basically tortured me into at least meeting Tony Scott, saying he was one of the hottest directors in town and I could never afford to not meet with as many of them as possible, and also he was completely obsessed with me. Well, an agent doesn’t have to offer any other reasons when ‘the director is completely obsessed with you’ comes out of their mouth.”

Thankfully, Cruise was able to convince Kilmer and the two created magic on the big-screen. Fans were extremely content to see Kilmer in the sequel and in truth, it caused quite the emotional moment on-set.

Val Kilmer And Tom Cruise Had Authentic Tears During Their Top Gun: Maverick Scene

Director Joseph Kosinski discussed the mood on-set for Kilmer and Cruise’s major scene together in Top Gun: Maverick – one that Kilmer himself described as “very moving.”

Kosinski stated that the moment between the two was very organic and in fact, the tears were very much genuine and not part of the script. The two were clearly overcome with emotion.


“After one of the takes (we only did a few) I noticed that both Tom and Val had tears in their eyes. It felt like a genuine moment between two old friends.”

The director further stated that the real friendship and how iconic those characters really were is what would lead to the very real emotions on-set.

“You’ve got two masters at the top of their game playing the most iconic characters of their careers. I think there is a lot of Maverick in Tom, and Iceman in Val, so what you are seeing onscreen is an authentic friendship that has lasted over 36 years.”

Both sides agree, the relationship is still very much close.

Val Kilmer And Tom Cruise Are Still Very Close

“36 years later… I’m still your wingman.” That emotional Instagram caption had fans talking. The actor clearly demonstrated that the sides have remained close.

Kilmer would also touch on their time together on-set, the actor stated that Cruise and himself were like school kids. “Tom and I get along really well,” Kilmer writes. “We giggled like little kids in school between takes. I consider him a real friend. We shared intimate stories and challenges about our different lifestyles,” he told GQ.

Kilmer said yes immediately to appearing in the sequel and a major reason was how great of a time he had alongside Cruise in the first film.

“We were all so young during the making of the first movie, but even then there was a special bond between us all,” says Kilmer today. “Even after shooting we would laugh and dance the night away!”

Quite the story and one that truly reflected on the big-screen during the brief emotional moment alongside one another.