Time For Look Back: Most Shocking Yellowstone Plot Twists Of All Time!


Hardly a day goes by without our jaws dropping to the floor due to Yellowstone plot twists, but we can’t help but admire Paramount’s western series. There are numerous shocking events that took place over the course of Yellowstone, and we know it’s impossible to list them all. However, we’ve done our best to compile the most shocking Yellowstone plot twists of all time in this article. Let’s get started!

Beth’s Failed Pregnancy

One of the most shocking Yellowstone plot twists was revealed in Season 3, Episode 5, which also revealed the reason why Beth hates Jamie so much. The episode started with a flashback showing 15-year-old Beth pregnant. She asks Jamie for help, who takes her to Indian Health Services to get an abortion. The bad news is that the health center will only treat abortions if the woman is also sterilized in the process. So Beth had an abortion and was also sterilized. Then she also lied to Rip about the results of the pregnancy test, saying it was negative, and kept the whole process a secret.

John’s Candidacy For Governorship

We don’t think anyone was waiting for John to run for governor, but Yellowstone surprised us quite a bit when we found out that John decided to run in Season 4, Episode 7. Actually, John didn’t want to be governor at all. But when Lynelle visited him and told him that Jamie wanted to run for office, John felt he had to do something to stop him. John didn’t want to give Jamie so much responsibility and power because he thought he would destroy everything he and Lynelle had protected so far.

Garrett’s Death

Garrett Randall, Jamie’s biological father, was one of the supporting characters in Yellowstone that caught the viewers’ attention with his efforts to manipulate his son and his attempts to murder John. His death in Season 4 was undoubtedly one of the most shocking Yellowstone plot twists of all time, because there was no way we were expecting it. When he found out that his father was responsible for the attacks on John, Beth and Kayce, Jamie pulled the trigger and shot his biological father with his own hands.

Jimmy’s Departure

Despite his weaknesses and difficult past, Jimmy is a sincere and honest character in Yellowstone who managed to pull himself together and build a better life. That’s why for many fans it was the most shocking and heartbreaking exit in the series. In order to keep his promise to John, he had to go to the 6666 Ranch in Texas, where he met the vet’s assistant, Emily, and got engaged to her. Fans shouldn’t worry about Jimmy’s departure from Yellowstone, however, because it looks like he will be one of the main characters in the Yellowstone spinoff 6666.


Beth’s Market Equities Job

The reason Beth starts working at Market Equities is one of the most shocking Yellowstone plot twists, because the owners of the company were John’s enemies. When Caroline Warner, the company’s CEO, offered her a job, she took it on the condition that she get a controlling interest in Schwartz & Meyer, the bank with which she’d fallen out. Her condition was accepted, and Beth took the job to get revenge on her former boss.

Attacks at Season 3 Finale

The jaw-dropping Season 3 finale left the viewers with a huge cliffhanger, as three characters, John, Beth and Kayce, were attacked in this episode. Beth was blown up in her office, John was shot at repeatedly on the side of the road, and a gunman entered Kayce’s office after gunshots were heard. Later, Jamie’s review of Riggins’ prison records revealed that Garrett Randall was the one who is behind the attacks. This event led to Jamie killing his biological father in Season 4.

Jamie Being Adopted

It wasn’t until Season 3 that we learned that Jamie was the adopted son of John Dutton. Even though the twists and turns in Yellowstone keep us constantly on the edge of our seats, this one was one of the biggest twists in the series’ history. When Jamie was only 3 months old, his father killed his mother and was sent to prison for second-degree murder. Then Evelyn and John adopted Jamie. When Jamie found out the truth about his biological family, he tracked down his biological father and when he found him, it was a big challenge for him to face his mother’s killer.