This Overlooked Blue Bloods Character Is Frank’S Perfect Replacement As Commissioner


There is one Blue Bloods character who would make a perfect new commissioner if Frank steps down at the end of the series. For 14 seasons, Frank (Tom Selleck)’s job as police commissioner has been central to Blue Bloods. Almost every episode sees him dealing with office politics, whether that means butting heads with his staff over a controversial decision or arguing against mayoral policies that Frank believes will be bad for the NYPD. Additionally, Frank has served at the pleasure of several mayors despite his tendency to aggravate them.

With CBS confirming hat Blue Bloods is ending after season 14, one logical way to wrap up the series is for Frank to decide to step down as commissioner. After all, his role is central to the series’ premise. If Frank retires, the mayor will need to appoint a replacement. This decision is something that needs to happen before Blue Bloods ends so that the series finale doesn’t leave any plot threads hanging. As for who among the cast could take on that responsibility, there is one under-the-radar character who would be the perfect choice to replace Frank.

Making Abigail The New Commissioner Would Be The Perfect Blue Bloods Wrap-Up
Abigail Is Often Underused But Knows The Job Well

Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) often acts as Frank’s receptionist, announcing visitors and bringing them back to the office. In later seasons of Blue Bloods, she’s had an expanded role. She participates in staff meetings where she tries to provide a balanced counterpoint to Sid’s hotheadedness and Garrett’s concerns about optics. She will also confront Frank privately if she thinks he’s being pigheaded or not considering important angles of an issue. Abigail’s willingness to stand up to Frank along with her quiet observation of the job makes her a suitable choice to replace him as commissioner.

Frank’s endorsement would be a poignant acknowledgment of how valuable Abigail has been to his team over the years, which would be a memorable tribute to the character as the series wraps up.

Of course, this decision isn’t necessarily up to him. Frank can’t directly appoint a replacement; the mayor must appoint the new commissioner. However, if Frank were to endorse Abigail or publicly support her interest in the job, that would go a long way toward her getting the appointment. Additionally, Frank’s endorsement would be a poignant acknowledgment of how valuable Abigail has been to his team over the years, which would be a memorable tribute to the character as the series wraps up.

Blue Bloods’ Jamie Isn’t Ready to Be Commissioner Yet
Jamie’s Career Aspirations and Temperament Make Him Less Than Ideal

If Blue Bloods wanted to keep the commissioner post in the family, Jamie (Will Estes) would be the best option. Frank’s youngest son is the most similar to him in terms of determination to do things his way instead of bowing to public pressure. However, Jamie recently got a promotion in the Field Intelligence Office after passing his supervisor’s “test” by defying his orders for the good of the case, so he won’t want to give that up any time soon.


Jamie also has a hotheaded streak despite being more even-tempered than Danny (Donnie Wahlberg). He has occasionally gotten into trouble when he’s lost his temper with suspects. Blue Bloods season 14, episode 9 also includes Jamie getting a dressing down in Frank’s office after getting into a fistfight with Joe Hill that someone caught on video. This incident would have to blow over before Jamie could even be considered for the post. It also demonstrates that he doesn’t yet have the self-control needed to be successful as the police commissioner.

Abigail Would Be a Less Predictable Choice To Replace Frank As Commissioner
She Isn’t a Reagan But Is Highly Qualified to Do The Job

Blue Bloods’ emphasis on family makes it seem inevitable that a Reagan will take over as commissioner as the series draws to a close. However, Abigail becoming the next commissioner would subvert expectations and lead to a less predictable but still satisfying conclusion. Abigail has been with Frank so long that she seems like family and Frank endorsing her rather than one of his children would reflect the lack of nepotism and insistence on treating his kids the same as other cops that Frank has made central to his tenure.

Abigail is highly qualified to do the job, probably more so than anyone else outside of the other Reagans. Nobody knows how Frank thinks and what the job entails better than Abigail does, making her a strong candidate for the position. She has stood up to Frank many times, so she has the courage and assertiveness to lead the NYPD despite the pressure that comes with the office.

Jamie Could Still Become Commissioner Later In Blue Bloods
A Compromise Might Be The Best Way to End The Series

Those fans that love the family aspects of Blue Bloods might be disappointed if the series doesn’t end with another Reagan taking over as commissioner. Blue Bloods has already cut down the family dinner scenes, and choosing Abigail over Jamie might feel like a second betrayal of the family values that made the series popular. However, this could be resolved by making it clear that Jamie isn’t ready yet for this career move and that Abigail doesn’t plan to stay in the position for as long as Frank did.

Blue Bloods has a limited number of episodes left before the series ends, and setting up Frank’s retirement and the search for a new commissioner may become important during the second half of the final season in the fall. Resolving this plot point would be a fitting ending for the series, especially if Frank acknowledges Abigail’s importance by endorsing her bid to be the next commissioner. Abigail could lead the NYPD forward while Jamie continues in his career in Field Intelligence until such time that he is ready to become the next commissioner.