“They Want To Keep Going Without Will Smith..”: Sony Better Learn From Its Past Mistake And Bring Back Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones For The Rumored Men In Black Movie


It was the year 1997 when Will Smith was introduced to the world of aliens alongside Tommy Lee Jones with the release of Men in Black. Being one of the most iconic franchises out there, the world loved the duo of Lee Jones and Smith as Agent K and Agent J, respectively.

With both actors bringing their best in the characters of K and J, people feel that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are irreplaceable. After trying to replace them once, the film became a failure. Well, there are rumors that the franchise is once again going to attempt a Men in Black film without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, and the people… aren’t happy.

The Men In Black Franchise Cannot Run Without Will Smith!

Not just Will Smith alone, but the quirky bond between Smith and Lee Jones’ characters of J and K is what kept the film going on. With Smith bringing in comedic relief and Lee Jones’ character as serious as ever, the franchise was quite successful.

With three films to its name, the King Richard actor and Tommy Lee Jones starred in Men in Black, Men in Black 2, and Men in Black 3. Following the third film, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson took over as the lead actors in Men in Black: International. The result was a disastrous film that was nothing compared to the original franchise.


So, people realized that the iconic franchise of Men in Black needs two things to perform great. The iconic comedy of Will Smith and the brooding face of Tommy Lee Jones. Despite having their results ready, Sony seems to want to experiment further with the Men In Black franchise. With rumors and reports of another film in the works, it seems that people aren’t all too happy about it!

A Men In Black Film Is Allegedly In The Works Without Will Smith!

With Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson taking over the roles back in 2019, the disastrous Men In Black: International was the result. Wanting the nostalgia and charm of the old movies, people clamored for the return of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to the franchise.

As per recent speculations by notable insider @DanielRPK, it seems that another Men in Black film is allegedly in the works without Will Smith.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), people talked about how Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were the only ones who could save the franchise!

Bring back Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones please and it will do nice at the theaters

— DaBlackGamer (@DaVillain6) April 30, 2024