The Yellowstone Sequel Series: Confirmation, Cast & Everything We Know


Taylor Sheridan’s extremely successful Yellowstone franchise continues to grow, and a Yellowstone sequel series has already been announced that will follow the original as it goes off the air. Debuting in 2018, Yellowstone chronicles the lives of the powerful Dutton family, a wealthy ranching clan who own the largest ranch in the United States. The family is headed by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) who fights to protect his family’s homestead against corrupt politicians, strict government regulations, and an encroaching modern world.

Mixing all the elements of exciting crime dramas with the rich opulence of classic Western adventures, Yellowstone became a TV institution practically overnight. It didn’t take long for Yellowstone to spawn several spinoffs, and Taylor Sheridan’s TV universe has rapidly expanded across the 5-season run of the original series. The behind-the-scenes drama involving series star Kevin Costner has overshadowed the final season of the landmark series, but fans are already looking to the future as Yellowstone concludes with season 5 part 2. While other shows have explored the past, the upcoming Yellowstone sequel will continue the story in the present day.

The Yellowstone Sequel Series Latest News
Original Cast Members Reportedly Returning

While little is known about the series, the latest news suggests that several original cast members will return for the Yellowstone sequel series. As laid out in a new report, Yellowstone stars Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes have signed on for the sequel series and have reportedly resolved previous pay disputes that kept them from signing on. Hauser, Reilly, and Grimes are expected to reprise their roles as Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, and Kayce Dutton, respectively, and they are the only original actors announced thus far. The report does not comment on the casting of Matthew McConaughey or Michelle Pfeiffer.

The Yellowstone Sequel Series Is Confirmed
A Sequel Series Was Announced In 2023

Amid the shuffle of the Yellowstone season 5 drama involving Kevin Costner’s exit, a sequel series was announced that would pick up after the events of the original series. That report came in May 2023, but little has surfaced about the project since. With Yellowstone season 5 being split into two parts and delayed, it’s unclear if plans have changed involving the sequel. However, recent updates regarding original cast members returning suggest that work is still being done behind the scenes.


The Yellowstone Sequel Series Cast
Are Matthew McConaughey & Michelle Pfeiffer Attached?

While the Yellowstone sequel series does seem to be in the works, almost nothing is confirmed about the project, including its cast. Speculation and rumor have abounded about major stars joining, but no definitive cast list has been revealed yet. In 2023, it was reported that Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey would join the sequel series in the lead role, but he hasn’t been signed on yet. Likewise, Michelle Pfeiffer was also rumored to be joining but still is not an official part of the series.

In May 2024, an exciting behind-the-scenes report announced that original Yellowstone cast members Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes would reprise their roles in the sequel series. However, like the McConaughey and Pfeiffer news, Hauser, Reilly, and Grimes’ returns are not guaranteed.

The Yellowstone Sequel Series Story Details
What Happens After Yellowstone Ends?

the sequel probably won’t involve Costner’s John Dutton, and his storyline will be wrapped up by the conclusion of Yellowstone

With nothing announced about the plot of the Yellowstone sequel series, and the original show still unfinished, it’s difficult to guess what the story could be. On the other hand, the sequel probably won’t involve Costner’s John Dutton, and his storyline will be wrapped up by the conclusion of Yellowstone. If the news of returning original cast members is true, the sequel series could continue a few unresolved plot threads as the rest of the Dutton clan try to move on without John.

The potential addition of Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Pfeiffer does add another wrinkle to the story, and their characters are reportedly going to be the main roles. This means they will need to be integrated into the Dutton storyline, or the aforementioned ranching family will need to take a step back. With all that said, it’s impossible to know at this juncture because story details for the Yellowstone sequel are likely still being hammered out.

The Yellowstone Sequel Series: Further News & Info

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