The Yellowstone Cast Confirms What We All Suspected About Jennifer Landon’S On-Set Behavior


“Yellowstone” is the sleeper hit that snuck up on audiences and is taking the country by storm. Ratings sites like IMDb are giving the drama an 8.8/10 and social media sites like Twitter are full of praise from excited fans. Season 4 wrapped up earlier this month, and Season 5 should be debuting later this year. But there’s one actor on the show in particular that really stands out among the ensemble cast.

“I just felt excited and honored to join a show where women really — for lack of a better term — have life by the balls,” said Jennifer Landon in a recent “Yellowstone” featurette on the show’s official YouTube account. She plays the wacky and often unintelligible ranch hand Teeter. Landon and her character entered the show at the beginning of Season 3, and fans are in love with her. But there’s something viewers may not know about how she handles herself on set which her fellow castmates recently spilled the tea about.

Landon takes her character to a whole other level on set

Landon doesn’t just play her character well — she’s extremely dedicated to elevating her performance in ways that are wowing her fellow cast members. In the same featurette, costar Jefferson White (who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom on the show) insists that “the Teeter that she brings to life is so much more incredible” than what anyone expected before she joined the cast. Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) added that “she’s a badass” and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) flatteringly added that “[Landry] just brings it” every time she steps in front of the camera.

For fans of the show, it should come as no surprise that she’s so dedicated to making her character the best she can be. And audiences are responding to it. Fans on social media like @thecitywino have officially declared themselves “Team Teeter” and viewer @JuanTresdoce was not alone when he was elated to discover that she would remain employed by the Duttons after an emotionally agonizing cliffhanger. Whether you love her or hate her, Teeter is here to stay — for the time being anyway. And Landon will likely continue delivering a powerful performance.

Yellowstone’s Teeter Star Shares Painful Injury Sustained During Chaotic Season 5 Premiere

Yellowstone’s fifth season kicked off with a bang for the likes of John and Beth Dutton, but it also led to a painful incident involving one of the bunkhouse’s most beloved members.

The season five premiere of Yellowstone shattered rating records across the globe as Paramount Network viewers tuned in to see John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) sworn into office as Governor of Montana.

This new way of life in politics is clearly going to prove a struggle for the ranch owner as he continues to fight for his land but it’s also going to take some adjusting to for the likes of Teeter (Jen Landon), Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards) and the rest of the bunkhouse.

This transition was no more evident than in the season five premiere when the Yellowstone Ranch had to welcome hundreds of influential people from Montana to celebrate John’s new role.


The usually private family now had big names from the world of politics perusing their land and it became clear everyone had to be on their best behaviour, or risk the wrath of Rip (Cole Hauser).

In particularly comical scenes, Teeter and the rest of the bunkhouse donned their formal wear in a rare moment for the series and struggled to comprehend the lavishness the event had brought.

However, the bunkhouse members were still allowed the creative freedom in the script to ruffle a few feathers with their antics, although actor Landon has now revealed that one particular moment left her in a lot of pain.

Speaking to Jefferson White on the official Yellowstone podcast, the Jimmy Hurdstrom star asked: “For four seasons, we’ve had our own little private paradise out on the Dutton Ranch.

“Then season five, episode one, all of a sudden the rest of the state comes to the Dutton Ranch, hundreds of background,

“And the cowboys, the bunkhouse, you know as they come out of the bunkhouse in their dress shirts and look at the scene unfolding, it must be a little bit like that in real life, huh?”

“It 100 percent felt like that,” Landon replied. “And also it (gave) all of these parallel moments.

“For example, like one of the points in the scene is like the cowboys, we’re cowboy jousting and then we’re the ones having a blast, they’re not.

“Let me tell you, on the day we were shooting, we were the ones having a party. I mean, even in between takes we’re still going after each other.”
However, the cast’s playfulness didn’t come without its consequences.

Landon went on: “I had rope burn so bad, I learned never to celebrate by grabbing the end of your rope.

“I had rope burn so bad I had to sleep with my hand elevated by like a window that was bringing in 18-degree air at night. But it was worth it, Jeff.”

Landon let out a laugh as the pair continued their conversation, although White admitted he was “p****d” he missed out on the scene.
White has been taking a backseat so far in season five as he continues his new life away from the Yellowstone at the 6666 Ranch in Texas.

Initially sent there as punishment by John for disobeying his orders, Jimmy matured into a hardened cowboy and even landed himself a new fiancée.

Jimmy and Emily (Kathryn Kelly) are out of the picture for now as they start their new lives together.

However, it is believed the pair will reappear at some point in season five.

Whether this will lead to a Teeter and Jimmy reunion is yet to be seen, but fans would undoubtedly love to see the two bunkhouse favourites back together.