The Colby And Teeter Moment That Made No Sense To Yellowstone Fans


Season 3 of Yellowstone saw the series’ eponymous ranch gain some new inhabitants. Barrel racers Mia (Eden Brolin) and Laramie (Hassie Harrison) turned the heads of the Bunkhouse Boys, quite literally in the case of poor Jimmy (Jefferson White) and his spine cracking fall. Meanwhile, new ranch hand Teeter (Jennifer Landon) was making moves of her own.

Teeter’s no-nonsense attitude and bubblegum pink hair gave the series a potent shot of energy. She also gave Bunkhouse Boy Colby (Denim Richards) a serious case of puppy love. There was some flirtatious energy bouncing between the two ranch hands, but it wasn’t until the latter half of the season that they started to act on those impulses.

Unfortunately for both of them, being in John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) orbit often means finding yourself in the crosshairs of rival ranchers. Colby and Teeter learned this the hard way in the episode “I Killed a Man Today.” The pair were taking a break from work to move their flirtations to the next level with a little afternoon skinny-dip when they were attacked by rancher Wade Morrow (Boots Southerland), who wanted to send a menacing message to John.

The incident ended up being quite the cliffhanger, with it looking like the budding co uple might not survive their run in. Thankfully, in the next episode, we see that they were injured, but okay. However, as one astute Reddit user pointed out, it appears that they also passed through a continuity error warp hole.


Some fans are annoyed at the logistics of Colby and Teeter’s lost time incident

Reddit user THE_UPV0TER started a thread to draw attention to a detail of Colby and Teeter’s ordeal that didn’t quite add up for them: “So Are We Just Going To Overlook the Fact That Colby and Teeter Went Under the Water in Broad Daylight and Came Back Up in Pitch Black?”

They were referencing the fact that in when the pair were attacked and seemingly drowned by Wade Morrow and associates, it was the middle of a sunny afternoon, but in the next episode when we see the aftermath of the attack, it’s the middle of the night. They even helpfully provided a side-by-side screengrab analysis to prove their point.

They were not alone in noticing this unexplained time jump. Several other fans of the series groaned at what they saw as an obvious continuity error between the two episodes. Some, like user SillyFlyGuy, acknowledged the issue, but urged, “Just accept that night can fall suddenly in their universe. We all know dragons don’t exist but we all agree Game of Thrones was a great show.”

But other commenters didn’t have a problem with the several lost hours. User Un4gvn2 even proposed a theory to explain what happened: “I just thought that they were injured/immobile so long and it got dark.”

However, others brought up the fact that if the pair really was meant to be knocked out for several hours, it only opens the door to other plot holes. User CCORRIGEN pointed out, “I would have thought the bunkhouse would have sent out a search party for them.”

Whether it was a plot hole or a purposeful detail, Colby and Teeter (Ceeter?) shippers are likely just happy to see the two getting some quality time together.