Teeter’S Funniest Moments In Yellowstone Ranked


“Yellowstone” is a gripping drama centered around the Dutton family, who must battle outside forces attempting to seize control of their vast Montana property. Created by Taylor Sheridan, the Kevin Costner-led series is violent, dark, gritty … and also pretty darned funny at times. This is thanks to the presence of likable characters such as the foul-mouthed, tough talkin’ renegade Teeter (Jennifer Landon).

Introduced in Season 3, Teeter is part of the “Bunkhouse Gang” — Colby (Denim Richards), Ryan (Ian Bohen), Walker (Ryan Bingham), Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith), and sometimes Jimmy (Jefferson White) and rodeo girls Laramie (Hassie Harrison) and Mia (Eden Brolin) — and one of several workers on the Dutton Ranch who gets swept up in the Duttons’ melodrama. To date, the character has survived an attack-by-horse-trample that left her head split open and an assault by local militia. Neither of these seemed to bother her all that much, as she’s too busy trying to gain the affection of bunkmate Colby.

In Season 4, Teeter doesn’t have as much to do as she did in Season 3 and mostly pops up to provide much-needed comedy relief. That’s just fine with us, because she’s genuinely hilarious in her brief screen time. For proof, check out the following list which compiles Teeter’s funniest moments from Season 4 of “Yellowstone” from worst to best.

1. ‘Don’t tell people you’re from Texas’

Early in the season, in a brief moment of levity following the intensity of the previous episodes (which saw the Duttons fend off a series of attacks from a violent militia), Teeter is seen hanging out with Travis Wheatley (Taylor Sheridan). He busily does his Travis Wheatley thing — i.e., show off horses and his amazing ability to ride them — for John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). In-between demonstrations, Travis asks Teeter where she’s from, clearly taken by her unique dialect. The young, pink-haired cowgirl reveals that she hails from Texarkana.

“Which side of the river?” Travis asks. “North,” she responds. Shaking his head, the smooth talking cowboy replies, “That is not Texas, that is f****** Arkansas. Don’t tell people you’re from Texas.” He’s only partially serious. We think.

Cool as a cucumber, Teeter watches him ride away and casually responds, “Whatever you say.”

Travis gets the upper hand here, but it’s fun to see Teeter interact with anyone.

2. ‘What are we doing?’

Later, in the same episode, the Bunkhouse Gang — still reeling from the militia attack in the Season 3 finale, during which they savagely beat and hanged one their attackers — gather around the table with a fresh from the hospital Jimmy to eat some food, drink a little beer, and recuperate from the day’s events. Ryan starts talking about Travis’ horses, exclaiming, “Did you see those f****** horses today? Goddamn, what I’d give to ride one of those …”

Naturally, Teeter, who enters the bunkhouse last, jumps in and says, “I heard riding and I heard f******. What are we doing?”

It’s more of a throwaway line, but also does a great job showing the thought process of the Dutton Ranch workers, who clearly crave only the basic pleasures of life. You get the sense that if anyone offered either option, Teeter would happily join in the fun.


3. Teeter loves a good horse

In Episode 3, Teeter’s lone piece of dialogue comes in an early bit. While snacking on some food, she prompts Laramie to follow her: “You want to go look at some s***?” The pair make their way towards a pair of massive horse trucks. Teeter grins and exclaims, “That is sexy.” Colby, standing nearby, shakes his head. “No,” he says pointing at a group of horses, “that’s sexy!”

Teeter notices the beautiful animals and blurts out, “What did them f****** things cost?”

“Well,” Colby replies, “more than the truck.”

It’s a brief moment but, again demonstrates just how much the characters of “Yellowstone” truly love the world they inhabit. Where others might find beauty in a big screen TV or a sports car, this group values horse trailers, horses, and cattle. Also, it’s always fun to see Colby and Teeter interact with one another, as the pair form one of the more unlikely relationships on the show.

4. Teeter praises Mia’s poker skills

Poor Ryan. The guy can’t seem to ever catch a break. Case in point: in Episode 10, Ryan is engage in a game of poker with his fellow bunkmates. Everyone thinks he’s bluffing, but no one has the guts to challenge him — except Mia. Ryan raises the stakes by going all in, which Mia (still believing he’s full of horse manure) promptly matches. Ryan flips over his cards — ace, king, seven, jack — but, in true cinematic fashion, Mia reveals she has a superior ace and a seven.

Ryan can hardly believe his luck, but his humiliation is further expounded when Teeter, seated at the same table and goosed up as always, exclaims, “She went and dry f***** ’em right there, didn’t she?” It’s telling that in a scene that’s not even about her, Teeter still manages to find ways to come out on top.

5. Teeter messes with Colby

The ongoing competition between Colby and Ryan offers some of the funniest moments on “Yellowstone.” The pair compete and tease each other over just about everything, particularly roping where either man claims to be the best. Funny enough, in Episode 10, when it comes time to actually show their mettle, the pair sit on the sidelines, content to babysit a water cooler.

This doesn’t work for Teeter who, after demonstrating her astonishing skills with a rope, beckons her quasi-lover: “Hey, sweet t***, you ain’t ropin’?” Colby, undeterred, responds with, “We’re on cooler patrol.”

Ever the flirt, Teeter continues to harass Colby. “Come on, don’t be intimidated,” she says. “You gotta come up here, an’ rope with mama.”

It’s a casually funny bit that illustrates Teeter’s ability to hold her own against the largely male-centric team. It also one that makes us question whether Colby is, perhaps, a little intimidated by this strange woman who has — so far — managed to capture his attention on more than one occasion.