Sam Elliot’S Wife, Actress Katharine Ross, Revealed Details About Pair’S Love For Horses


Sam Elliot’s wife, Katharine Ross, is a rockstar in her own right. She has been in Hollywood for a long time and has done well for herself. Her relationship with Elliot is incredibly wholesome, but there is another love in their life.

For both Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross, horses play a big part in their life. While both love horses, Katharine’s love likely surpasses her husband’s. She began riding when she was only seven years old, and it became a lifelong pursuit for her.

In an interview with Cowboys and Indians in 2016, she explains just how much she loves horses. She explains that it is something she loves to incorporate in her movies as well.

“I first fell in love with horses at the age of 7 on a pony ride, going around in circles, grinning from ear to ear as I was jumping about on this very uncomfortable ride. I rode in the films Rodeo Girl, The Legacy, and Shadow Riders. My own horse was the first thing I bought after I did my first movie, Shenandoah.”

She continues to explain the love of horses, in particular, riding. As Katharine Ross explains, there is nothing quite like riding a horse, no matter if it is the first time or the one-thousandth time.

“[Being horseback] kind of takes you away from your problems or whatever is bothering you. I feel very fortunate that I can get away into nature and take a great ride, and always come back feeling much better than when I started.”


All this being said though, Sam Elliot likes his horses almost as much. Together, they decided to get a statue of a mustang horse.

Katharine Ross and Sam Elliot Even Have a Statue of a Horse

Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross have been married since 1984, but their love of horses predates that. The two got a life-size mustang horse sculpture made for them. The two even named the sculpture Jack, and it looks identical to a Kiger Mountain mustang.

Katharine Ross and Sam Elliot got the sculpture as part of an art project collaboration. The project was undertaken to benefit American Mustang horses.

After painting the horse to support the campaign, they sold the statue. All of the proceeds went to help rescue wild horses and burros and place them on the coast of Central California. Katharine Ross explains how the project began and how impactful it was on her life.

“This project became one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was my vision, but Melinda, a horse lover, and perfectionist, knew how to craft that vision, and we got it done. It was an incredible journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

This project, however, is just one of many that Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross have been a part of. Together they are sharing their love of horses with the world.