“I’M Gonna Watch It And Not Like What I Did”: Yellowstone Star Refuses To Watch Kevin Costner Led Drama Despite Calling It His Dream Role For 1 Reason


Have you ever imagined being so invested in your life’s work that you choose to keep it sacred by not witnessing it firsthand? This is the intriguing case with Yellowstone star Luke Grimes, who, despite having secured his dream role as Kayce Dutton in the Kevin Costner-led sensation Yellowstone, made a personal choice to steer clear of watching the very drama that has skyrocketed his career.

With the mega-hit Western series coming to an end later this year, production is wrapping up on its final episodes. As the cast prepares for their farewell visit to the Dutton ranch, many of the actors are speaking publicly for the first time about the upcoming finale.

The show’s youngest Dutton son, Kayce, played by Luke Grimes, recently spoke with The Independent about his thoughts on the series and the behind-the-scenes drama that has beset the last season.

The Truth Behind Luke Grimes’ Surprising Decision to Avoid Watching Yellowstone

As Yellowstone keeps drawing in viewers with its gripping storyline and stellar performances, one actor stays true to his choice to not watch the show. Luke Grimes, who plays the complex character of Kayce Dutton, has made the courageous decision to refrain from viewing his own performance on the hit drama series.

The actor, who has previously starred in the Fifty Shades franchise, found his “dream role” in Yellowstone, also starring Kevin Costner. The role of Kayce Dutton, the tough and emotionally complex youngest sibling of the Dutton family, has become a defining moment in Grimes’ career.

However, despite the critical acclaim for his performance, Grimes has chosen to avoid watching the show for fear of not liking his own work. He recently told The Independent:

If I could have figured out my dream role at the age that I got that job, it would have been Kayce. I’m so scared that I’m gonna watch it and not like what I did.

This fear of self-critique is a common struggle for many actors, who often find it difficult to separate themselves from their characters on screen. Grimes’ decision not to watch Yellowstone may seem unconventional, but it highlights his dedication and desire to constantly challenge himself as an actor.

Regarding the highly debated political split on the show, Grimes also dismissed the idea that it favors any one party over another, drawing comparisons to the HBO series Succession.


Luke Grimes’ Displeasure with ‘Liberal’ Critics of Kevin Costner-Led Series

The Kevin Costner-led series Yellowstone, which debuted in 2018 and portrayed the highs and lows of the Dutton family against the stunning Montana range, quickly won over viewers’ hearts.

Despite the show’s popularity, some critics have quickly labeled it as ‘conservative’, failing to take into account its nuanced depiction of intricate, modern issues. In response to this one-sided criticism, Luke Grimes recently asked “liberal” critics to see into the compelling depth of the show.

In a recent interview with The Independent, the actor addressed this denunciation and called out the hypocrisy of those who jump to conclusions about the show based only on its cowboy imagery:

I think a lot of people see a cowboy hat and a horse and they think, ‘Oh, that’s not for me, those people believe differently.’ And it’s almost like they take these flawed characters in the show and chalk it up to some sort of weird belief that they’ve put on them.

Grimes condemned this conservative viewpoint by pointing out that “flawed characters” can be found in all kinds of television programs, regardless of their genre or political stance. Additionally, he showed how Yellowstone differed sharply from Succession, another well-liked television show that has received positive reviews from liberal audiences:

Meanwhile, you can have a terrible person like [Succession’s] Logan Roy, who lives in an apartment in Manhattan, and that’s fine. That guy’s a total piece of s***! But that’s OK. It’s so funny to me because… I just don’t understand why that has to immediately equal some political belief. And I don’t think it does.

Grimes, thus, pleaded with viewers to set aside prejudices and preconceptions and give the program a chance to present its gripping tale. While fans eagerly await Yellowstone’s return for an even more compelling drama and moving story, it is important to remember that TV shows can be incredibly diverse and complex.