How Big Is The 6666 Ranch In The Yellowstone Spinoff?


The 6666 Ranch is Paramount’s third spinoff of Yellowstone, and the franchise’s fans hope it will be as thrilling as 1883 and 1923. However, the set of the show is already more popular than the show itself because the legends of the 6666 ranch are imprinted in Western culture. It is famed as the home of the best quarter horses, quality cattle breeds, and, most importantly, the best cowboys. As the show cashes in on the great history of this ranch, some fans still wonder whether the 6666 is the biggest ranch in Texas.

The Four Sixes Ranch, also called the Quad Sixes or simply “The Sixes,” is one of the largest ranches in Guthrie, Texas, spanning 350,000 acres of land. While expansive, it only ranks ninth among the biggest ranches in Texas because the top spot goes to the 825,000-acre King Ranch in Southeast Texas. The sixes is still one of the most legendary in the state, with its involvement with Hollywood making it the most famous.

Pure breed quarter stallions are the gem of the Four Sixes, with the famous Dr. Glenn Blodgett taking most of the credit, having worked there for over 40 years. The horse that Yellowstone’s Jimmy used at the ranch has since become a celebrity, with many people visiting to taste the pristine green. With more than just cattle and politics on the table, the 6666 Ranch has more to offer than Yellowstone, so let’s delve into it.

Is 6666 the biggest ranch in Texas?

Currently, the 6666 Ranch extends up to 350,000 acres, making it ninth in size in Texas after the Corn Ranch. In terms of animals, the ranch breeds a minimum of 100 pure-bred quarter horses every year, which is one of the highest in the state. The ranch’s horse operations are its greatest success, having bred some of the best racing horses in the world

The ranch’s focus on pure breeds is legendary, with Yellowstone’s fourth season covering an aspect of it when Jimmy was told to help Emily collect sperm from a horse. The real-life veterinarian in charge of the breeding department is Dr. Glenn Blodgett, a celebrity in his own right as well.

Cows are also a major part of the ranch’s operations, historically known for some of the best Herefords in the state. The ranch has since phased out its Hereford herds and is transitioning to the widely consumed Angus. The exact number of cows on the ranch is not stated, although there are at least 7,000 breeding mothers.

The ranch’s success was greatly supported by the discovery of oil on certain stretches of the ranch, greatly improving the ranch’s financial capabilities. The filming of Yellowstone on the ranch has greatly boosted its popularity, increasing the number of visitors.

The entire county has more cattle and horses than people really, leaving the ranch’s main office and supply shop off US Highway 82 as the only town in the area. The supply shop, therefore, serves as the tourist reception center.

More civilization is expected in the county, though, as more celebrities flock to the reach to film The 6666 Ranch and the other upcoming Yellowstone spinoffs that are bound to be filmed there.

Who owns the 6666 Ranch?

A consortium led by the Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan, bought the Four Sixes ranch in May 2021 after it was put on sale. It was the first time the ranch was sold in over 120 years of being owned and managed by the Burnett family.

Captain Samuel Burk Burnett established it in 1900 after he won a card game by drawing four sixes, according to legend. The Burnett family refuted the claims of the card game and insisted that the Four Sixes were simply the brand that Samuel’s first 100 heads of cattle had.

The ranch’s first interaction with filming came in the 1960s and 70s when its barn was used to shoot Marlboro cigarette adverts. The ranch was owned by Samuel Burnett’s granddaughter Anne Valliant at the time, having inherited it in the 1920s. The period also coincided with the ranch’s oil boom.


Yellowstone is not the ranch’s first interaction with Hollywood either, as scenes of Mackintosh and T.J. were filmed there in 1975. The Burnetts have always been in charge of this precious piece of history until 2020 when it was put up for sale after the death of Samuel Burnett’s great-granddaughter Anne Windfhor Marion.

Taylor Sheridan’s love for Western Culture and horses partially made him the perfect candidate to buy the ranch. He has been involved with The Texas Reining And Horse Association for years and got inducted into the Texas Cowboys Hall Of Fame in 2021.

He is a horse enthusiast that loves ranching and riding and even stepped in to perform the stunts during the horse market scene in Yellowstone. Owning the Four Sixes makes him the owner of the ultimate western film set.

Hollywood buying the ranch raised a few eyebrows among Texas, with concerns that they would split the ranch. However, Sheridan and his group promised to keep the ranch intact and allow the public to visit whenever filming is not in progress.

What will The 6666 Ranch be about?

Paramount already confirmed that 6666 will explore the history of The Four Sixes from all the way back when the Comanches still ruled West Texas. The show will also cover the life of the cowboys on the ranch, with the difficulties that nature and politics bring for cowboys forming a major part of the story.

When John Dutton sent Jimmy to the Sixes, he told him it was where true cowboys were made. With the Jimmy Hurdstrom storyline continuing, the show will likely cover more of his romance with Emily.

The Four Sixes will also cover the racehorse breeding and ranching world better than Yellowstone, with some of the most famous stallions probably being displayed. The politics around the murky world of racehorse breeding might also form part of the plot.

The Four Sixes is not faced with the same threats from developers as Yellowstone, so the threat of being converted into a modern city may not happen. The many daily threats that cowboys face are still interesting enough to create a perfect neo-western show.

When will The 6666 Ranch be released on Paramount +?

Paramount + is yet to release the episode schedule for 6666, but the show was already in production in early 2022, which points to a release later in 2023. 6666 was confirmed before the announcement of the second season of 1923, meaning it might premiere before the latter.

Paramount commissioned three Yellowstone spinoffs alongside 6666, and the network is currently relying heavily on the success of each of these spinoffs. Most of them are therefore being released back to back to retain the interest and high ratings.

6666 will obviously be ready after the first season of 1923, putting it in pole position to build on the success of Yellowstone Season 5 by continuing Jimmy’s story.

Who stars in The 6666 Ranch?

Jefferson White as Jimmy and Kathryn Kelly as Emily are the confirmed members of the 6666 Ranch cast. Their storyline builds on their romance in the fourth season of Yellowstone. It is not clear whether Jimmy will be the lead character, though.

Both Jefferson White and Kathryn Kelly signed on as series regulars on Yellowstone, pointing to a long-term presence on the show. The show might also have crossover episodes with Yellowstone, meaning some Yellowstone cowboys, including Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), might appear.

John Dutton already leased land in Texas to graze his herds in the dry season, and the traveling party led by Rip Wheeler might just be the starting point for 6666. Yellowstone’s Walker (Ryan Bingham), who doesn’t agree with Rip and seems uncomfortable in Montana, might also join Jimmy in Texas, having joined Rip’s traveling party.

Kurt Russell is another name rumored to have joined a modern-day Yellowstone Spinoff, and 6666 might be the project he is involved in. There is no confirmation of his involvement from Paramount, though.