Grey’S Anatomy Creator Reveals She Hired Private Security After Fan Death Threats


Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has revealed that she hired private security for her house following death threats from fans of the show.

The writer has a wealth of hit shows under her belt, including Grey’s, Scandal and, most recently, Bridgerton.

In an interview with The Sunday Times to promote the upcoming third season of the Netflix period drama, Rhimes opened up about how her shows have evoked intense reactions from viewers online.

“Social media changed,” she said. “Fans have passionate feelings, and I was always fine with that. I understand that the characters felt like their friends. They were my imaginary friends too. That’s why I was writing them. And I think people just had very strong feelings about what happened with their friends. But then it became weird.”

Rhimes revealed that after every season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, she received death threats from fans who were unhappy with how she had ended the episode. As a result, she had to have a police car parked outside her house for a week each time.

“They got mean,” she explained. “And you never knew who was going to really take offence in the wrong way.”


Things then escalated even further, as Rhimes eventually had to employ private 24-hour security for her Los Angeles home, with the producer explaining that it was “because people are dangerous and strange”.

Rhimes shared that her children were behind her decision to introduce these measures to protect her safety.

She said: “I wanted to just be able to walk out my front door and hang out with my kids and not be worried. I would lay awake at night with stress. I had some very helpful friends who’d had similar experiences, who were able to give me a lot of perspective, and who were adamant that if you can’t live normally then you’re not going to be able to live.”

In the same interview, Rhimes revealed that the one British series she wishes she had created is Doctor Who, saying, “I have been obsessed with that show forever.”

Grey’s Anatomy season 20 and Station 19’s final season are airing on ABC in the US. Both shows stream on Disney+ in the UK.