Blue Bloods Will Pay Tribute To A Former Cast Member In New Episode


Blue Bloods has a lot of loose ends to tie up in season 14. We’ve already broken down all of the different characters that are being brought back for the final season, in addition to the arcs of the main cast. Then, there’s tragic case of actors who passed before they got a chance to return.

Tom Selleck, who plays family patriarch and police commissioner Frank Reagan, recently sat down for an interview with USA Today in which he revealed plans for a tribute to the late Blue Bloods alum Treat Williams.

Treat Williams will be recieve a tribute on Blue Bloods

Selleck confirmed that the tribute will occur during the third episode of the season, which will air March 1 on CBS. He told the outlet that it will be tastefully done, and not an instance of an entire episode being dedicated to a departed character:

“It will be an unsentimental tribute to Treat Williams that’s not a maudlin hourlong show.”

Selleck’s no-nonsense approach to Williams’ tribute makes perfect sense, given his onscreen dynamic with the actor. Williams made his Blue Bloods debut in season 6 as Lenny Ross, a former partner of Frank Reagan who is known for getting into trouble.


The two men respect one another, even if Ross’ involvement typically results in a headache for Reagan. Williams played a semi-large role in season 6, and even reprised his character in season 8, meaning he had a total of five appearances on Blue Bloods.

Williams played Frank Reagan’s old partner

The actor died on June 12, 2023 after sustaining injuries on a motorcycle. According to People Magazine, he was airlifted to a hospital in New York shortly after the accident, where he ultimately passed. He was 71 years old.

Williams, who was played the father of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) on Chicago Fire, was praised for his acting talent and his professionalism. Tom Selleck issued a statement to People Magazine shortly after Williams’ death was announced, and he had nothing but kind things to say:

“My friend Treat was aptly named and occupied his chair so well. I will miss him but I will not forget him. Well done, my friend.”

We’re glad that Williams will get a tip of the cap in Blue Bloods’ final season.