Blue Bloods Showrunner Denies Daez In The Finale, Here’S Why We Don’T Believe Him


“Danny and Baez won’t be together in the end,” says Blue Bloods boss. “Like hell they won’t,” says us.

Danny Reagan and Maria Baez are the constant pain in Blue Bloods fans’ bottoms: for way too long, we’ve been waiting for the two to get together, and they just keep circling around the topic. Most fans agree that, since the show is coming to a closure, the notorious couple will get their happy ending — but apparently, Blue Bloods showrunners have other plans in mind…

Or so they say, because we’re very much not buying it.

Blue Bloods Boss Denies Daez Endgame

Danny and Baez have been the talk of the town for several years now, and the bittersweet Blue Bloods finale seems like the perfect opportunity to bring them together. That’s what fans think, anyway, bec ause the series’ showrunner Kevin Wade recently sat down with TV Insider only to stomp on those dreams and hopes.


“The show would dip into parody if we had two of our cops marrying two of their partners who are getting into that! <…> Danny Reagan has been built and played as a loner. <…> If we were to put them together and there’s a scene where they’re, I don’t know what, having dinner together and they’re happy, I don’t know what that is,” Wade explained.

Why Don’t We Buy Into This Revelation?

Indeed, a classic “happily ever after” provides much less room for drama than the ol’ reliable “they like each other but there’s something holding them back,” but come on — it’s the grand finale of a 14-year-long TV show. Of course, there’s going to be a “happily ever after,” especially because fans want it. But there are other signs.

The recent Season 14 Episode 8 showed us Danny and Maria getting closer than ever to finally starting a relationship with a warm and romantic scene with them. What would be the point of writing it if it leads nowhere, right? Even Wade has to admit that the attraction between these two is strong, which is another tell-tale sign.

“Donnie and Maria, no matter what we write, manage to find ways to show that the two like each other more than as partners. Let’s put it at that. They’re very good at engineering a subtextual relationship that the audience clearly gets,” he said.

We know that, too, and that’s exactly why we don’t buy into the “they’ll never get together” narrative. Our best guess is that the Blue Bloods boss wanted to add some drama to the table before the inevitable happens just because it’s clearly inevitable.