After Yellowstone’S Taylor Sheridan Filed A Lawsuit Against His Star Cole Hauser, The Suit Has Been Resolved ‘With Prejudice’


While it seemed like trouble was brewing between Taylor Sheridan and Yellowstone cast member Cole Hauser, it would appear that the coffee-related conflict has been resolved. About a month ago, the creator of the mega-hit modern Western filed a lawsuit against the Rip Wheeler actor over their competing coffee brands. Now, it’s been reported that the writer has dropped the suit against the actor, and it’s been resolved “with prejudice.”

Reportedly, Sheridan filed documents that requested for the copyright infringement lawsuit against Hauser’s company to be dismissed 25 days after the claim was initially made, according to Radar Online. The publication reported that Sheridan’s law firm Cantey Hanger LLP wrote in court documents that:

Such dismissal is with prejudice.

That likely means the issue was settled outside of court and the Yellowstone creator won’t be able to file another lawsuit about it. This news comes not long after Cole Hauser announced both his coffee brand as well as his Montana-tied whiskey company.

This whole situation started in October when Hauser launched his coffee brand Free Rein. Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch filed a suit against the Rip actor and his company, saying the logo for Free Rein is “strikingly similar” to the ranch’s, NBC News reported.

For context, the Free Rein logo features an intertwined F and R, and the Bosque Ranch branding also features its B and R intertwined. The suit accused Hauser’s brand of “trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising.”

Back in June, Sheridan’s company announced a partnership with Community Coffee to release its line of the caffeinated beverage, and Free Rein, as stated, launched in October. The lawsuit also claimed that Hauser’s logo could have been used to “mistake or to deceive as to the affiliation, connection, or association” with Bosque Ranch.

Now the lawsuit has been dismissed, and it was apparently done so with “prejudice,” meaning the dismissal is permanent and won’t be revisited. Of course, this news comes amid all the drama between Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner over Yellowstone and its final episodes.

While we now know Season 5 of Sheridan’s flagship Western will premiere late on the 2024 TV schedule, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the John Dutton actor’s involvement and the role he’ll play in the second half of the show’s final season.

Now, along with the Costner drama, it will be interesting to see if this short-lived lawsuit between Sheridan and Cole Hauser impacts Season 5 of Yellowstone, specifically when it comes to Rip’s story.

As we learn more about this coffee conflict and Season 5 of Yellowstone, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. And if you are looking to watch Seasons 1 through 5A of the hit Western created by Sheridan and starring Hauser, you can stream it with a Peacock subscription.