9 Biggest Takeaways From Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1


The first trailer for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning just dropped and it is packed with interesting details. Every Mission: Impossible installment has pushed the limits of action sequences while still delivering an exhilarating storyline (which seem to connect with one another quite seamlessly).

This installment has been in the making since before the pandemic which led to a lot of delays, controversies, and re-shoots. Only time will tell what Tom Cruise has in store for the fans this time, but from the looks of the trailer, it seems quite exciting.

Hint Towards a Mysterious Key

There are multiple stills in the trailer which show a key being held by the main characters. The key shows up for the first time around Ilsa’s neck while being checked out by Ethan Hunt.

The second time, Ethan is holding the key in front of Hayley Atwell’s character. This key seems to be a requirement to get into either a facility. However, it could also potentially be a McGuffin.

Return Of The Sandstorm

The Burj Khalifa sandstorm sequence in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol has become iconic over the years, making it one of the best Mission: Impossible installments to date. The first few stills from the trailer indicate a return of the sandstorm it’s not particularly clear as to what desert or location it could be.

This desert seems to be play a significant part in the story as a lot of scenes in the trailer take place in the desert. The interesting thing about this sequence is also the horse chase going directly into this sandstorm.

Italian Job Inspired Sequence

Within the first few scenes in the trailer, there is a car chase in the middle of a city, maybe in France or Italy and Tom Cruise seems to be driving in a bright yellow car. This car chase is also one of the most iconic parts of almost every Mission: Impossible installment and it will be interesting to see how the studio makes this unique.

There is also an indication that the car might have a self-driving ability, which just might add another element to the entire sequence. It could also make Dead Reckoning one of the best Tom Cruise action movies to date.

Kittridge Is Back

Mission: Impossible is known for bringing characters back and tying the new movies to the old ones. Following this trend, we see in one clip that Kittridge is back (and not just for Part 1 – he is also slated to come back for Part 2 as well).

Kittridge is returning after the first Mission: Impossible (which could create some interesting turns in the story for this one). However, it also seems like this instalment will require recapping of every Mission: Impossible plot points.

Misleading Eye-patch

In one of the scenes, Ilsa Faust (played by Rebecca Ferguson), who is also a returning character, is seen wearing an eye patch. The trailer doesn’t give any hints as to how this could come about, leading to some viewers speculating that she could end up getting injured on one of their missions.


However, the stills also show her holding a sniper rifle, which she is most likely using to shoot the horse riders chasing Ethan Hunt. The eye patch could be there to just improve her aim and focus. It should not be forgotten that Ilsa is one of the bravest IMF agents out there.

A New Mysterious Character

There wouldn’t be a Mission: Impossible without the introduction of some new villain or character. This time, it is someone who seems to be Kittridge ally and is seen giving him a mask.

It can be inferred that the mask is given to Kittridge just before this new character throws the grenades, which release a green smoke. What could be the relationship between this new character and Kittridge is yet to be revealed.

Possible Wingsuit Sequence

At the end of the trailer, Ethan Hunt can be seen jumping off a cliff from his bike and then going into a freefall. With Tom Cruise’s propensity for pushing the limits for his stunts, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that he might give wingsuits a shot.

Further evidence can also be seen from the way he was spreading his arms which resembled more that of wing suiting rather than simple parachuting. One thing to note is that the scene did require some post-work, but the movie is still more than 1 year away so that should not be an issue.

Possible Flashbacks

There is one small frame in the trailer, which indicates a romantic scene between Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson’s characters. The scene is shot in a sepia tone and knowing the history behind the two characters, it can be assumed that it might be a flashback for either of the two characters. What is interesting is the reason for this flashback. With the presence of Hayley Atwell, there might be a potential love triangle being formed, which could be related to that.

Pom Klementieff May Be a Villain

When the news was released that Pom Klementieff has been cast in the movie, whether she was going to be a protagonist or a villain was kept pretty much hidden till now. Some of the few snippets from the trailer give quite a good idea about what her character might be.

Looking at the action scenes and the stylistic choices, it looks like Klementieff will be playing a villain (possibly one of the assassins of Kittridge). It looks like Klementieff is going to be a major hurdle in Ethan Hunt’s mission.